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The Cocker Spaniel Breed

The merry and frolicsome Cocker Spaniel, with his big, dreamy eyes and impish personality, is one of the world's best-loved breeds. They were developed as hunting dogs, but Cockers gained their wide popularity as all-around companions.
Those big, dark eyes; that sweet expression; those long, lush ears that practically demand to be touched. No wonder the Cocker spent years as America's most popular breed.


The Cocker is the AKC's smallest sporting spaniel, standin about 14 to 15 inches. The coat comes in enough colors and patterns to please any taste. The well-balanced body is sturdy and solid, and these quick, durable gundogs move with a smooth, easy gait. Cockers are eager playmates for kids and are easily trained as companions and athletes. They are big enough to be sporty, but compact enough to be portable. A Cocker in full coat rewards extra grooming time by being the prettiest dog on the block. These energetic sporting dogs love playtime and brisk walks.

Information obtained from

Cocker Spaniel General Breed Appearance Via AKC.

The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. He has a sturdy, compact body and a cleanly chiseled and refined head, with the overall dog in complete balance and of ideal size. He stands well up at the shoulder on straight forelegs with a topline sloping slightly toward strong, moderately bent, muscular quarters. He is a dog capable of considerable speed, combined with great endurance. Above all, he must be free and merry, sound, well balanced throughout and in action show a keen inclination to work. A dog well balanced in all parts is more desirable than a dog with strongly contrasting good points and faults.

Have Cockers. Will Travel. 

During our time breeding Cockers we have met people from Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Maryland, Illinois, Florida and of course plenty from our gorgeous state of Arkansas. 

We don't mind traveling at all so we do offer delivery for pups within driving distance and would be happy to work with you on a delivery plan for your puppy. 

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